How to spring clean your Nissan

How to spring clean your Nissan using household supplies

Spring is almost upon us, and although we love the winter season, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome warmer weather and longer days. We’re big fans of giving our vehicles the TLC they deserve after the harsh winter months, and you know we’re always willing to share our secrets! Read on to find out how to use common household supplies to give your Nissan a great spring cleaning!

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Tips for spring cleaning your car


Springtime is tough for allergies as it is, so you don’t want to make the season even harder on yourself by being surrounded by dust in your vehicle. Make sure to dust the obvious areas, such as the dashboard, center console and steering wheel, but also spend a little time dusting the air vents. Foam art brushes work perfectly for getting into the tight spaces in the air vents.

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum

Let’s be honest. We track in a lot of salt, dirt and grime into our vehicles during the winter months. We recommend vacuuming your entire vehicle, including the seats, to remove pet hair or crumbs in the crevices. You’ll also want to remove your Nissan’s floor mats and vacuum underneath them since dirt likes to hide underneath the mats.

Focus on the details

Spring is a perfect time to detail your vehicle. Clean your windows using Windex and a cloth, brighten your headlights with baking soda and toothpaste, clean out your grille using dryer sheets, and make your windshield wipers streak-free by dousing them in rubbing alcohol. We also recommend getting a car wash with under-vehicle sprays to really clear out any salt that’s built up throughout the winter.

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If you want to really get your Nissan ready for the upcoming months, bring it in to Matt Castrucci Nissan. We’ll check your Nissan out to make sure everything is still functioning properly after the long winter season. Need some scheduled maintenance done too? No problem! Simply schedule a service appointment online or give our service department a call today!