3 ways you can save money on car insurance 

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Like most types of insurance, car insurance can get very expensive. Depending on your age, driving history, and the state of your car, you can pay hundreds of dollars every month just to have your vehicle insured. Seems a little outrageous, doesn’t it? If you don’t get in an accident and file a claim, that money is wasted every month. Nonetheless, it is the law and it is a good thing to have insurance. Let’s explore a few ways you can save money on car insurance.  Read the rest of this entry »

How to avoid distracted driving

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man holding phone while driving

It has always been a problem, but only in recent years has distracted driving become such an epidemic. Smartphones have become a staple in our lives and they do so many good things. They also are incredibly distracting. But there are more distractions than phones. Check out some ways you can avoid those and stay as safe as possible behind the wheel.  Read the rest of this entry »

Features of Nissan Intelligent Mobility

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Nissan is no stranger to modern, innovative technology. Nissan Intelligent Mobility brings the future to here and now. Incredible technologies that never could have even been conceived of 20 years ago are now standard staples found in almost every new Nissan model. Learn more about Nissan intelligent mobility below. Read the rest of this entry »

4 common myths about gas mileage

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Fuel efficiency is atop every driver’s priority list all the time. Highly efficient vehicles benefit everybody. Drivers save money at the pumps, automakers can increase sales, and the planet breathes easier. With all of that said, there are some common misconceptions and myths about gas mileage that should be cleared up. Check them out below.  Read the rest of this entry »

2018 Nissan Kicks pricing information

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front view of red nissan kicks

The newest model in the Nissan lineup is the Nissan Kicks, but you might have already known that. The Kicks is the replacement for the old Nissan JUKE, but you also might have known that. Okay, well, if you are interested in learning about some pricing details, we have those! Check them out below.  Read the rest of this entry »