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Spark Plug Replacement in Dayton, OH

While drivers often blame the vehicle’s battery when troubleshooting automotive electrical issues, spark plugs are another component that can be responsible for all sorts of ignition troubles when they go bad. Wondering where to go for a spark plug replacement in Dayton, OH? Matt Castrucci Nissan can help. Schedule an appointment with our team of automotive experts today and they’ll assist you with replacing any faulty spark plugs that are causing issues.

Spark plugs, as their name suggest, supply the spark of electricity needed to ignite the mixture of air and fuel found in the engine’s valves, allowing the entire engine system to start properly. Without this internal combustion, the vehicle will be unable to start at all. Because of this, spark plugs are an important, yet often overlooked, automotive component that drivers should keep their eye on.

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Why Do Spark Plugs Go Bad?

With time, spark plugs will burn up and no longer do their job as effectively. Each time a spark plug is activated, part of its metal is burned off. When too much metal has been burned, drivers will notice poor engine performance, difficulty starting their vehicle, poor fuel economy and possibly have their check engine light turn on.

Spark plug lifespan may vary, but most modern vehicle models come equipped with extended-life spark plugs that can last up to 100,000 miles. However, drivers should know that even these long-lasting spark plugs will erode with time. If your vehicle is experiencing the symptoms referenced above, consider taking it in to be looked at by an automotive professional at Matt Castrucci Nissan.

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