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How Much Cargo Space Does the 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport Offer?

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020
2020 Nissan Rogue Sport parked in front of a mural

What is the Maximum Cargo Capacity of the 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport?

The 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport is the vehicle of choice for many families because it has a spacious interior that makes it deal for hauling large amounts of cargo as well as comfortably seating up to five passengers. How much cargo space does this crossover SUV offer? What is the maximum cargo capacity of the 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport? Continue reading to learn more about this crossover’s storage space.


Shop for Efficient Nissan Crossover SUVs in the Dayton, OH Area

Monday, March 30th, 2020
2020 Nissan Kicks parked in a lot near a wall

Where to Purchase Fuel-Efficient Nissan Crossover SUVs in Dayton, OH

Nissan offers several unique SUVs as part of its modern model lineup, all designed to be as efficient as possible. Wondering where to purchase fuel-efficient crossover SUVs in Dayton, OH? We’ve highlighted three Nissan crossover SUVs with excellent fuel economy ratings below.


List of 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport Color Options

Friday, December 27th, 2019
2020 Nissan Rogue Sport driving down a highway road

Exterior Colors Available for the 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport 

For many drivers, it can be hard to choose the right vehicle color. Wondering what exterior colors are available for the 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport? We’ve created a list of them down below, complete with a gallery of image references for your convenience.  


How Many Paint Color Options Does the 2019 Nissan Rogue Sport Have?

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019
2019 Nissan Rogue Sport Color Options, text below a passenger side exterior image of a red 2019 Nissan Rogue Sport

2019 Nissan Rogue Sport Paint Color Options

There are three trim levels to choose from for the 2019 Nissan Rogue Sport and they are the S, SV, and the SL.  All-Wheel Drive is an available option for all trim levels of the 2019 Nissan Rogue Sport which gives drivers confidence when driving through the concrete jungle or rough off-road terrain.  The exterior of the 2019 Nissan Rogue Sport has sculpted body lines for an athletic allure and you can also pick from seven paint color options so the 2019 Nissan Rogue Sport can match your personal style as well.  Check out all seven paint color options of the 2019 Nissan Rogue Sport below and you can climb into the driver’s seat of the 2019 Rogue Sport today at Castrucci Nissan in Dayton, OH. (more…)

Show Me the Performance Specs of the 2019 Nissan Rogue Sport

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019
Driver side exterior view of a red 2019 Nissan Rogue Sport

What are the Performance & Efficiency Specs for the 2019 Nissan Rogue Sport?

You know that is finally time to upgrade to a crossover SUV like the 2019 Nissan Rogue Sport when your morning commutes and weekend activities have become almost impossible to enjoy while driving your too-small sedan.  The 2019 Nissan Rogue Sport will provide you with the versatile interior cargo and passenger space that you desperately need while also giving you the efficient performance that you want.  You can see the performance and efficiency specs for the 2019 Nissan Rogue Sport below and the 2019 Rogue Sport is waiting for you to climb into its cockpit at Castrucci Nissan In Dayton, OH. (more…)