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2023 Nissan Altima touchscreen display

What is the NissanConnect Wi-Fi hotspot?

Benefits of a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot in your car 

Whether it’s for work, entertainment, or keeping in touch with loved ones, having a reliable and convenient internet connection on the go can greatly enhance your driving experience. Nissan understands this need and has introduced NissanConnect Wi-Fi hotspots for their vehicles, allowing you to enjoy seamless connectivity no matter where your journey takes you. Find a compatible car here at Matt Castrucci Nissan in Dayton, OH. 

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2021 Nissan Rogue side view

What is vehicle upfitting and should you get it?

Vehicle upfitting video and text guide 

What is vehicle upfitting? It’s another way of saying customization. Should you get vehicle upfitting? If you’re getting a work vehicle or a recreational vehicle with a specific purpose in mind, upfitting might help you get exactly what you’re looking for. Keep reading below to learn more about vehicle upfitting with us. You can learn more here at Matt Castrucci Nissan in Dayton, OH. 

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Close Up of 2022 Nissan Frontier Center Console with Wireless Phone Charger

Step-By-Step Instructions to Use the Wireless Charger in Your Nissan

How To Use the Nissan Wireless Phone Charger 

Technology is great – when the battery is charged. When your iPhone or Android runs out of juice on the road, it can be difficult to find a mobile charging cord that works in your Nissan car, truck or crossover. To help keep you connected when you are behind the wheel, many Nissan-brand models – like the 2022 Nissan Frontier – are available with a wireless phone charger that will keep your phone charged even when you forget a charger. Learn how to use the Nissan wireless phone charger with this quick step-by-step guide created by Matt Castrucci Nissan and test drive a Nissan car, truck or crossover that will fit your lifestyle.

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A snowy road in winter

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Winter Season in Dayton, OH

Important Services for Winter Vehicle Preparation in Dayton, OH

The winter season can be harsh on your vehicle, meaning drivers should consider taking their vehicle in for service before the weather gets worse. Drivers who are interested in learning more about important services for winter vehicle preparation in Dayton, OH should continue reading. We’ve recommended three different automotive services below for drivers to consider taking their vehicle in for. 

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