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Engine Coolant Flush in Dayton, OH

Engine coolant is a liquid mixture of antifreeze and water inside the radiator. Coolant, as its name suggests, maintains the temperature of your engine and prevents it from overheating, especially in extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, coolant will naturally break down over time. For proper engine maintenance, drivers should have their coolant flushed and replaced with new coolant when needed.

Looking for a service center that can help you with an engine coolant flush in Dayton, OH? Schedule an appointment with Matt Castrucci Nissan. The automotive specialists who make up our team will provide you with the professional, quality service your vehicle deserves. Drivers can easily schedule an appointment for this and other types of automotive service right here on our website.

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When Should a Radiator Have Its Coolant Flushed?

Because every vehicle has different needs, different makes and models will require different coolant mixtures and schedules for proper maintenance. Check your vehicle’s owner manual for detailed information. A good rule of thumb for the average vehicle is every three years or 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. A trained automotive professional can help you find the best coolant and schedule for your vehicle.

Failing to flush your radiator and replace its coolant could result in permanent damage to your vehicle. Older coolant fails to protect the cooling system from corrosion as well as newer coolant. This can result in cooling system leakage, clogged radiator hoses, issues with the water pump and a faulty thermostat. All of these issues can result in a breakdown of the cooling system and increase the risk of engine overheating.

Other Matt Castrucci Nissan Services

Other vehicle services and repairs offered at Matt Castrucci Nissan include: Muffler and exhaust repair, tire balance and rotation, engine air filter replacement, automotive electrical service, coolant flush, wiper blade replacement, headlight and taillight service and repair, vehicle checkup and inspection, transmission flush and oil change.

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