Exhaust System Repair in Dayton, OH

Exhaust system issues can greatly diminish the functionality and performance of a vehicle. If left unresolved, these issues could result in not only automotive problems, but exposure to harmful gases that can’t escape the vehicle. Drivers interested in taking their vehicle in for exhaust system repair in Dayton, OH can trust the automotive specialists at Matt Castrucci Nissan with their vehicle.

Exhaust systems are made up of several components that all need to work in conjunction to safely redirect the toxic fumes that are produced by the vehicle. If a vehicle is experiencing a problem with the exhaust system, drivers can identify it through several common symptoms. These include a decrease in fuel economy, a stronger-smelling exhaust emission than normal, a loss off acceleration power, and loud scratching, scraping or rumbling sounds coming from the tailpipe.

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What Causes Exhaust System Issues?

Because the exhaust system is made up of so many parts, there are multiple probable causes for an issue with the exhaust system. Like many other automotive components, rust can build up because of collected water vapor and cause major damage due to corrosion. Similarly, a crack or hole in the exhaust system caused by some other form of damage may be to blame.

Mufflers are especially susceptible to damage compared to other exhaust system components. Internal muffler parts can become loose and clog the muffler. Similarly, damage to a muffler caused by road debris or rust can occur. Drivers who notice increased engine noise should investigate their muffler for any signs of damage.

Many other automotive services are available at Matt Castrucci Nissan, including: Coolant and transmission fluid flushing, oil and lube changing, engine air filter replacement, front end alignment, wiper blade replacement, headlight repair and replacement, vehicle inspection, tire balancing and rotation, brake maintenance and repair, muffler repair and automotive electrical service.

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