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What Dayton Farmer’s Markets are Open in Fall 2020?

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020
Vegetables for sale at a farmer's market

Fall 2020 Farmer’s Markets in and near Dayton, OH

While some farmer’s markets in the greater Dayton region have been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns, there are still plenty of options for community members to choose from. Wondering what Dayton farmer’s markets are open in fall 2020? Continue reading to learn more about fall 2020 farmer’s markets in and near Dayton, OH.


Upcoming Online Events in the Dayton, OH Community

Monday, August 31st, 2020
Close-up on paintbrushes in a container

August & September 2020 Digital Events in Dayton, OH

With many activities remaining postponed or cancelled as summer comes to a close, Dayton, OH residents will be happy to know that there are still many online events to enjoy. Continue reading to learn more about upcoming August and September 2020 digital events in Dayton, OH that community members are able to participate in.


Stay Active & Exercise in Dayton, OH During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Friday, May 29th, 2020
A woman jogging

Exercise Activities for Dayton, OH Residents to Try While Staying at Home

Although the Ohio stay-at-home order has resulted in the temporary closure of many fitness centers and gyms, there are still plenty of ways for Dayton community members to stay in shape this spring. Below, we’ve created a list of exercise activities for Dayton, OH residents to try while staying at home.


What Restaurants are Still Open During the Ohio Stay at Home Order?

Friday, April 17th, 2020
A pizza being served to a group of people

Restaurants Still Offering Delivery & Take Out Orders During Coronavirus Closures

Because of the current coronavirus restrictions in the state of Ohio, many restaurants in and around Dayton, OH have temporarily closed. Fortunately, there are still over 70 restaurants in the greater Dayton area that are still offering carry-out and delivery options. Looking for a list of restaurants still offering delivery and take out orders during the coronavirus closures? We’ve put together a few recommendations below.


What to Do While Social Distancing in Dayton, OH

Friday, April 17th, 2020
A crowded bookshelf in a dimly lit library

Fun Things to Do During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Quarantine in Dayton, OH

With non-essential organizations closed and many activities cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, it can be difficult to find ways to spend the time. Looking for fun things to do during coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine in Dayton, OH? We’ve put together a list of activities and other ways to pass the time for you to reference.