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Why is my Nissan shaking?

Has your car been shaking with no explanation? That can be an awfully scary and confusing situation. Cars are machines, so they are inherently subject to mechanical problems, even if they are made of the best materials available. If your car has been mysteriously shaking or grinding, check out three of the possible causes below. 

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3 possible reasons your car is shaking 

Unbalanced tires 

Often times, an issue with your tires is the culprit. Among the more common tire issues is that they are improperly balanced. When your tires aren’t balanced right, your steering wheel will shake when you get to around 50 miles per hour. Additionally, unbalanced tires can wear down unevenly which restricts the lifespans of the tires. 

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Brake rotors 

Brake rotors can become damaged and “out of round” which then causes shaking when braking (not the same as Shake ‘n Bake). The vibration is felt in the brake pedal and it can sometimes feel violent. A quick brake service will get the exact problem diagnosed and fixed. 

Brake caliper mechanic working on car brakes

Sometimes, your Nissan’s brake caliper can stick on. When this happens, you will feel your steering wheel shake at speeds of 45 to 50 miles per hour and it can be coupled with a burning odor. 

All of these issues can be easily corrected and repaired. Let our maintenance staff take a look so they know what the exact issue is. Years of experience have made our technicians some of the best in all of Ohio. Bring your Nissan in soon and get back on the roads safely! 

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