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Where to find fuel-efficient vehicles in Dayton, OH 

Online shopping for vehicles with over 30 mpg 

How can you find fuel-efficient vehicles in Dayton, OH? The Matt Castrucci Nissan site offers search filters to help you find vehicles with over 30 mpg online. You can also visit us here in Dayton, OH, and a member of our team will show you our most fuel-efficient vehicles. 

How to find new vehicles with over 30 mpg 

To find our new vehicles with over 30 mpg (miles-per-gallon), use our site navigation at the top of our site. Access the new vehicles drop-down menu and read through our shopping tools. Toward the bottom, you will see the option for vehicles over 30 mpg. Clicking on it is one way to find our fuel-efficient new vehicles. We also have search filters in our inventory that allow you to find vehicles with alternative fuel types such as hybrid or electric.  

How to find fuel-efficient pre-owned vehicles 

Pre-owned vehicles with over 30 mpg can be found using the same steps as above. You’ll just have to use our pre-owned vehicle drop-down menu instead of the new vehicle drop-down menu. Plus, there is another way to find fuel-efficient used vehicles. Instead of using the shopping tools, just head to our pre-owned vehicle inventory. From there, refine your search using our search filters, and use the filter for fuel economy to set a minimum mpg. This gives you more control over what your vehicle’s fuel economy will be and helps you quickly narrow down your options. 

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Visit us in person in Dayton, OH 

If you live in Dayton, OH, then you might want to stop by for a visit. It’s a quick way to see everything we have available and compare your options in person. Plus, you can get your questions answered by a member of our team.