a man checking a bike rack on his Nissan vehicle

What Nissan accessories should you buy for your holiday road trip?

Three Nissan accessories you’ll want for your family vacation 

What Nissan accessories should you buy for your holiday road trip? With a plethora of accessories to choose from, you’ll find that there’s something for every family vacation, but we’ve narrowed down the list to our top three Nissan accessories you’ll want this year. Visit Matt Castrucci Nissan in Dayton, OH, for a tune-up before you hit the road. 

A dash cam to keep an eye on your vehicle 

There’s nothing worse than coming back to your vehicle and seeing it has a new scratch. One thing that may give you some peace of mind is knowing what happened, and a dash cam can help with that. If you’re going to do a lot of driving this holiday season, equip a dash camera before the big trip and get recording. 

Nissan dash cam close up

A first aid kit for those bumps and scratches 

Every road trip is going to have some bumps along the way. Be prepared for small injuries with a Nissan first aid kit accessory, a kit designed for driving hazards. It comes with all the necessary supplies: bandages, gauze, tweezers, gloves, an instruction booklet, and more. Plus, it has a useful Velcro backing that allows it to attach to any carpeted surface, helping it stay in place in your vehicle. 

A trash can for your road trip snack wrappings 

You’re bound to get hungry along the way, and what can you do with all of those fast-food wrappers and used napkins? Nissan offers a small trash can for many of its vehicles. This petite trash bin comes in two sizes and fits directly into your vehicle’s cupholder, so it’s always within reach. Cut back on car litter and keep your road trip clean this holiday season.