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What gift should you get for a new car owner this holiday season? 

Accessories and present ideas for new drivers 

If you know someone who recently bought a car or started driving, it may be a good opportunity to come up with the perfect gift this holiday season. Below are some of our Christmas present ideas, some of which you can find here at Matt Castrucci Nissan, your local dealership in Dayton, OH. 

If someone you know recently bought a used vehicle 

The considerations for new and used vehicles have a lot of overlap because you’ll want to protect your vehicle no matter how old it is. However, there are some gifts that are more suitable for used vehicles, such as paint pens, which can fill in scratches, hopefully not present on new vehicles. When you purchase a paint pen, make sure you’re getting a genuine Nissan accessory paint pen for your Nissan vehicle, and be sure to double-check the color, as some vehicles offer similar color options. Other options for a used vehicle might include new tires or windshield wipers. 

If someone you know recently bought a new vehicle 

For new vehicles, the sky is the limit with accessories, and you know your loved one best. Automakers design genuine accessories to closely fit your vehicle, including seat covers, cargo organizers, cupholder ashtrays, rear-seat tablet holders, phone holders, and much more. If you want something with more flair, consider a cool steering wheel cover. For a more personal touch, make your own emergency car kit. These can include blankets, flashlights, first aid items, jumper cables, road flares, and many other items, all tucked into a bag or organizer of your choosing. 

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Other gift ideas for drivers 

If they’ve had their car for a while now, or if it was an individual sale and not new, to begin with, you could consider a car wash or car vacuuming for your loved one. Sometimes, a nice gesture goes a long way. Another idea is an oil change or other needed maintenance.