The Quest for a better minivan

2014 Nissan Quest Dayton OH

2014 Nissan QuestWhile it may not set the precedence for size nor does it have the seemingly standard eight possible seats, the 2014 Nissan Quest in Dayton, OH is efficient, fun, and plenty of van for anyone, even if it only seats seven. With its inventive design and sleek look that sets it apart from every other minivan on the market, which as the years go by, number fewer and fewer, the Quest is easily one of the most interesting vans out there. With its responsive handling and a luxury feel and design that its unlike anything else out there, this Nissan easily qualifies as a great buy.

Where most minivans go for the concept of more and more, whether it be the most seats, or the most cubic feet of storage, the Nissan Quest has designated quality as its goal. With seats that fold forward into the floor, it loses some of the storage space its competitors covet because of the need for a higher floor to accommodate the folded seats, but the ease to which they operate as well as the luxury they are designed for are the real prizes here. And even with the loss of that added space, the Quest is still plenty roomy to fit nearly anything.

The 2014 Nissan Quest in Dayton, OH also offers a peppy smooth ride, especially for a minivan, taking its cue more from SUV’s than it does from its own class. 2014 Nissan Quest Side FrontIn almost every way, it meets the same expectations in measurables with its competition, such as fuel economy, speed from zero to sixty, or even towing abilities. However, with a CVT transmission and tight, arguably nimble, handling, the Quest is infinitely more exciting to drive, making turns and corners seem less like weaving with a boat and more like actually handling a car.

With its quiet responsive comfortable ride and its stylish luxury interior, the 2014 Nissan Quest does a wonderful job of doing what many other minivans do, without the cumbersomeness of what makes a lot of vans feeling unwieldy and uncomfortable. With the Quest, it is quality over quantity.