Fun Ideas for the Family

things to do on a road trip with kids

Take a road trip to the sea.

Things to do on a road trip with kids

A family road trip is a great summer activity. We think road trips are a fun way to see many sights throughout the United States, less expensive than flying, and a wonderful family bonding opportunity. Before you go on your road trip, make sure your car is up to date at our service department.

things to do on a road trip with kids

Stop at Mt. Rushmore.

You may be hesitant to take a road trip because of the time commitment and possibility of the kids becoming bored and antsy. You won’t have to worry about this behavior if you know a few simple games that will keep the kids occupied and stimulated. While electronics may keep the kids quiet for a while, we believe that games that make kids look out the windows are more fun and educate the whole family on each area you drive through.

Some things to do on a road trip with kids are games such as the alphabet game. The goal of this game is to find words that start with each letter of the alphabet in order. Whoever gets to Z first is the winner. This is a great game to play individually or in teams.

things to do on a road trip with kids

Hit the road running this summer.

Before you begin your trip have the kids make bingo boards by drawing pictures of things they think they might see on the road. Glue these small pictures on a piece of cardboard and have the kids cross off their picture when the item is spotted. Some example of pictures could be a Welcome sign to a state, a police car, or a deer in a field.

Another way to get the kids looking out the window is by having them find license plates from as many states as possible. Before you leave Dayton one of our trained service professionals would be happy to help you make sure your car is safe for the whole family.

These games are fun for the whole family but the best activities are the ones your kids make up by themselves. Encourage them to think of their own games to play that involve things outside the window instead of electronics.

By keeping your kids occupied by looking out the window, we know they will be less likely to act out, making your trip nothing but exciting and fun. Now go get your family and explore.