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Nissan Juke in Dayton OH

Find your style in the Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke in Dayton OH

If you are at a loss for what kind of car would fit your sporty, stylish and quirky personality, look no further than right here at Matt Castrucci Nissan. The Nissan Juke in Dayton OH is exciting to drive and has a unique feel. If you like to stand out among the crowd and drive more than just a boring sedan or crossover that everyone else already owns, the Juke is your kind of vehicle.

This cool crossover will keep you rocking and rolling down the road and won’t make you stop at the gas pump as much as other crossovers of this size. By costing less that $20,000 and receiving 32 highway miles per gallon, you can feel

Nissan Juke in Dayton OH

Sporty, Sleek, and Stylish

good about driving such a fashionable car around the Dayton area.

Nissan Juke in Dayton OH

Fashionable and fast

You will get right into the driving groove when you take a seat behind the wheel. The sporty leather seats fit every curve of your body to make for a comfortable and relaxing ride. Not only will you be comfortable in your new ride, but you will also feel cool while zooming down the street. Be in control with the manual transmission while electric power steering makes the car ride smoothly and cuts down unneeded power from the engine. The Juke’s innovative engine gives you turbocharged performance while keeping fuel efficiency as a main priority.

A car this modern and stylish might lead people to believe that power and fashion is all it has to offer. This, however, is untrue. The Nissan Juke comes with unprecedented safety features that monitor your surroundings, respond to conditions that might cause collisions, and prevent injury in the event of a collision. With traction control, tire pressure monitoring, the top of the line Nissan advanced airbag system, and many more safety features you can feel safe behind the wheel or with any type of passenger in the passenger seats.

The Nissan Juke is modern and exciting to drive. If you seek more than just a boring drive in your everyday life, come test drive a Juke today.