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Cars under $10,000 in Dayton OH

Feel good about great value

Cars Under $10,000 in Dayton OH

Do you dream of owning the perfect car, but have nightmares about the money you would have to spend? Well, at Matt Castrucci Nissan, we have cars that have amazing value with a maybe even more amazing price tag. These cars have incredible features and are in such good shape, no one would ever guess you bought it for less than $10,000. We have a huge variety of cars under $10,000 in Dayton OH, and here’s a taste of what we are offering.

One sedan we have on our lot is the Ford Focus. This car is not only in excellent condition, but it can also get over 32 miles per gallon. Now that’s value! Save money on the lot and for years after by zooming past the gas pump. This sedan is one of the most popular on the road for a reason. You can’t go wrong with value this good.

Cars under $10,000 in Dayton OH

Another spectacular deal we have on our lot right now is the Jeep Liberty for under $10,000. Go anywhere with power and durability in your new jeep without the remorse of spending too much for an enjoyable ride. This is the perfect vehicle for any explorer. Never miss out on adventure again because your car can’t survive the trip in non-pristine road conditions.

Cars under $10,000 in Dayton OH

One more car that we can’t wait to tell you about is the Chrysler PT Cruiser. This is a stylish little car will get heads turning as you blaze down the street. Don’t feel bad about putting style first with this price. Your friends will never be embarrassed to ride in your car again, and though it might be small, there is plenty of space for supplies for all of your activities.

These are just three of the great variety of of cars for under $10,000 we have on our lot. Come over to check them out and test drive. We can’t wait to make your dream a reality.