Nissan to release 250-mile range Nissan Leaf battery

Nissan Leaf to get powerful, new 250-range battery

Take a sleek, 100-percent electric powered hatchback and add a battery with a range of up to 250-miles. The result? U.S. electric vehicle market domination. At least that’s the hope.

Nissan is said to release a 250-mile range Nissan Leaf battery in the near future and right now is in the beginning stages of planning. The ultimate goal is to produce a battery that can provide up to 250-mile range on a single change. One charge. One incredible distance. In addition to the fact that Nissan has started to provide more free Nissan Leaf charging stations in major cities, we think the brand is truly setting a trend in the industry.

Earlier this month at a shareholders meeting Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn showed off two vehicles equipped with some of the brand new software the company is developing. Named the “Advanced R&D Nissan Leaf,” the vehicle demonstrates Nissan’s dedication to getting the new technology right. In addition to two concept vehicles on stage with him, Ghosn also played a video of the 330-mile Nissan Leaf prototype currently in Japan. Incredible stuff.

Nissan to release 250-mile range Nissan Leaf battery

Ghosn promised more on the development of the technology later this year. In the meantime, we can’t stop dreaming of a 250-mile Nissan Leaf. Oh the place you’ll go! Currently the 2015 Nissan Leaf offers a range of up to 84 miles. We’ll be sure to share more details on the development of this new Nissan Leaf technology as it becomes available.

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