mom and son sledding down hill

Where are the best sledding hills in Dayton OH?

It seems like no matter how old you get, sledding makes for a perfect winter afternoon. There’s something so nostalgic about packing up sleds or tubes and driving out to a local hill. The trek up the hill is always daunting, but it’s worth it every single time you ride down the powder. Check out some of our favorite places to sled in Dayton OH. 

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Sledding hills in Dayton OH 

Suicide Hill 

2917 Berkley St. happy boy sledding in snow

This sure sounds intimidating. We promise it’s not as scary as it sounds, but Suicide Hills is known for its frequent dips and fast speeds, so proceed with extra caution. Make sure your sled and handle some extra bumps and don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with. 

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Englewood MetroPark West 

100 E. National Rd. 

This is classic sledding setting. Kids and adults alike ought to love it here and there is even a specific part of the hills for racing and stunts. There is so much to be excited about just by showing up to Englewood MetroPark West. Start practicing! 

Wright Memorial Park

2380 Memorial Rd. 

We end our list with a local favorite. Located near Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Wright Memorial Park offers a challenging but fun and safe sledding hill. We hope you have a safe and fun winter season. The weather can make it tough to get outside, but we always encourage getting outdoors when you can! 

What other parks in the area have great sledding hills? Leave a comment below for other curious readers! 

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