3 Ways you might be wrecking your car and don’t even know it

Ways You’re Wrecking Your Car

There are many things that a car owner must do to their vehicle to keep in pristine condition and to keep it on the road for as long as possible. While there may be some things that you can’t control, there are many that you can not. The following list from Matt Castrucci Nissan, a new and used car dealership in Dayton, OH, will show you the top 3 ways you’re wrecking your car so you can take preemptive action to keep yourself from causing anymore damage and costly repairs.

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3 Things That Cause Damage to Your Car

  1. How much oil does your Nissan needNot changing your oil. The purpose of an oil change is to replenish your engine oil with fresh lubricants to keep all of the moving parts in your engine moving with as little friction as possible. If you wait too long or don’t follow your vehicle’s recommended oil change intervals, you could find yourself with costly repair bill that could have easily been avoided by getting an oil change.
  2. Parking in the sun too long. Sunlight can be a killer to the interior of your automobile. The direct rays of sunlight can cause irreversible damage to your dashboard, seats and upholstery so go out and buy yourself a sunshade to avoid sun damage to your vehicle.
  3. Stomping on the gas pedal. The more often you stomp on the gas pedal of your car, the more problems you will end up having in the future. The unnecessary strain that is caused by overzealous acceleration can cause all sorts of damage to your vehicle so keep the quick acceleration to a minimum and you’ll stay out the repair shop.

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Stop into Matt Castrucci Nissan or schedule service online if you have already started to see any problems caused by the list above and we’ll be happy to get your car back into on the road and driving smoothly once again.