Close-up on a car battery and jumper cables

Automotive Battery Replacement at Matt Castrucci Nissan

Get Your Car’s Battery Replaced in Dayton, OH

No matter how well-maintained your vehicle is, all car batteries eventually need to be replaced. Wondering where to go to get your car’s battery replaced in Dayton, OH? Our team at Matt Castrucci Nissan will be more than happy to help you with this and other common automotive services.

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Car Battery Repair & Replacement

Car batteries weaken over time, eventually losing their ability to hold a charge. Faulty batteries can result in trouble starting your vehicle, internal electrical system issues and dim or flickering headlights. Our technicians can check your battery for any problems and replace it if needed.

A mechanic working on a car battery

Other Services Offered at Matt Castrucci Nissan

Close-up on an oil change

Oil Change Service

Getting your vehicle’s oil changed is an essential part of routine maintenance. Bad, old oil will result in a lack of lubrication in the engine compartment, resulting in mechanism degradation over time and possible engine failure if left unaddressed. Oil changes avoid these complications.

Window Repair & Replacement

Outward visibility is of critical importance when driving, which is why all cracks or chips in your vehicle’s windows and windshield should be taken care of right away. Automotive glass damage tends to spread over time, meaning this is a service that drivers should schedule in a timely manner.

A cracked windshield

Drivers can easily schedule a service appointment at Matt Castrucci Nissan, located at 3013 Mall Park Drive in Dayton, OH. Our online scheduling tool can help drivers set up an appointment to take their vehicle in for a date and time that works well for them. In need of a new vehicle? Feel free to explore the offerings we have in our online inventory.