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Should I buy a Nissan vehicle with my tax return?

How to spend your tax return this year in Dayton, OH 

Should you purchase a Nissan model with your tax money? If you’re getting money back on your taxes this year, it could be a great time to purchase a vehicle. We’d love to help you through the process here at Matt Castrucci Nissan in Dayton, OH. 

Top three reasons to buy a car with your tax return 

There are always pros and cons to every choice but buying a car with your tax money is a pretty solid choice. The con is that most or all of your tax money could be spent. Now, take a look at the pros. 

  • Buying a vehicle is a smart investment 
    There are definitely worse things you could be spending your tax money on. A vehicle does depreciate, but many years from now it’ll still retain a worthwhile resale value. Buying expensive food, new clothes, or video games likely won’t pay you back as well in the future. You’ll be thanking yourself for this smart investment of your tax money later. 
  • Tax money helps pay off your vehicle quicker 
    Probably the best reason to spend your tax money on a car this year is that you’ll pay off your vehicle faster. A larger down payment at the beginning of your purchase can mean money saved on loan interest. Paying off your vehicle quickly will save you money and stress, so don’t wait. When else will you have this much money to spend? 
  • Use this time to improve your credit score 
    If you want to improve your credit score, you need to make on-time payments. A large investment is a great way to show creditors that you’re handling your money well. If you put your tax money in the bank, you can use it to make monthly payments rather than a down payment, helping to improve your credit score. 
2021 Nissan Leaf rear view in orange pant
2021 Nissan Leaf interior view

Spend your tax money on a car in Dayton, OH 

If you think you might spend your tax money on a vehicle this year, we suggest checking out our online inventory. You can view our new Nissan vehicles or our assortment of pre-owned vehicles from many automakers. Apply for financing online with our credit approval form.