Valentine's Day gifts for car lovers

Valentine’s day gifts for the car lover in your life

Valentine’s Day gifts for car lovers

The candy-filled holiday is upon us again and after awhile buying chocolate, cards and other knickknacks gets old. Instead of doing the age-old Valentine’s Day gifts, we challenge you to try something new this year. Get your valentine something he or she can actually use. These gifts are sure to win you major points with your valentine. Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for car lovers.

#1 – Cordless mini hand vac
Most car lovers we know love to keep their vehicle tidy. Some have a real passion for keeping even the tiniest crumbs out from between the seams of the upholstery. Make cleaning up faster and more enjoyable by getting your valentine a handy mini vac. The more compact the better. Not only will your car-loving valentine love having a new tool in his or her cleaning arsenal, but it shows you love their attention to detail.

#2 – Windshield chip repair
Help your valentine keep his or her vehicle looking new by repairing the chips in the windshield. Not only does this sort of repair save those chips and cracks from getting larger, it saves your valentine time and money down the road. They’ll be sure to appreciate you noticed the little things.

#3 – Vehicle accessories
Maybe you’ve noticed those floor mats are looking particularly worn or your valentine has been complaining about relying on his or her cell phone for GPS navigation. There are lots of great, practical accessories that are great additions to any vehicle. Here are a few: GPS, vehicle emergency kit, first aid kit, satellite radio subscription and many more.

If you’re looking to make a grand gesture of love, of course a new or used vehicle is a great choice. Talk to us today about our wide selection of vehicles and schedule a test drive today at Matt Castrucci Nissan!