Summer road trip hacks

3 road trip hacks to rock your world

Summer road trip hacks

There’s nothing like the grand escape of an epic summer road trip. Whether you’re going to the beach a state over or are trekking across the country, these summer road trip hacks should come in handy. You’ll thank us later.

#1 – Beat the beach blues
It’s hard to be without your phone, so bring it with you to the beach protected inside a ziplock bag. The best part is the plastic doesn’t inhibit the touchscreen! After a long day at the beach, it’s easy to walk away with beach hair with a bit too much beach. Get the grit out by using some baby powder. Vola!

#2 – It’s all about the journey
Before you leave don’t forget to put together a great playlist…or seven. You can never have too much good music. Or check out a few great audio books to bring along. While you’re jamming to good tunes, you can be documenting your trip in your journal or electronic device. For the little ones invest in a good large notebook for them to document their own take on the adventure.

Not into keeping a journal? There are many fun and inexpensive ways to remember your journey. One is to collect pebbles from different destinations along your trip and writing a memory on it. You can also send yourself a postcard home from each destination you visit. Either way, you’ll have a creative reminder of your trip!

#3 – Electronic devices galore
Contemplating whether to bring that expensive speaker on the trip? Skip it! Putting your phone in a mug gives a similar effect. Keep your battery charge longer on the road by putting your phone on vibrate. When you get to the hotel room and find you’re short on outlets, check behind the TV and you might find a USB port!

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