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Quiz – What car best fits you?

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It’s time to discover what your dream car really is! The car has to fit the owner and here’s a quick, easy way to determine what vehicle might suit you best. Mark down your answers as you go along and compare the letters to the key at the bottom of the post. What vehicle do you think you’ll get in our “What Car Fits Your Best Quiz?


What Car Fits Your Best Quiz
A) Looking for a sophisticated ride with the latest in technology
B) Would rather bike, but need a reliable mode of transportation
C) To own a sporty, powerful ride
D) To provide reliable transportation for my growing family
E) For better fuel economy and lower ownership costs
F) To help me get tough work done


What Car Fits Your Best Quiz

A) Look and style
B) Fuel efficiency
C) Dynamic, powerful driving experience
D) Room for passengers
E) Price
F) Off-road ability and utility factor


What Car Fits Your Best Quiz
A) Price
B) Room for passengers
C) Look and style
D) Off-road ability and utility factor
E) Fuel efficiency
F) Dynamic, powerful driving experience

What Car Fits Your Best Quiz?
A) Are in the know and have the latest and greatest in technology
B) Are eco-friendly and mindful of your impact on this earth
C) Are funny, confident and outgoing
D) Move mountains for the ones you love
E) Are frugal, humble and take calculated risks
F) Don’t let your guard down easily and are a hard worker


What Car Fits Your Best Quiz
A) Relaxing and enjoying the ride
B) Putting more strain on the environment
C) Going fast. Real fast
D) Being a chauffeur for the ones you love
E) Getting from Point A to Point B
F) Having a powerful tool to help you get work done effectively


What Car Fits Your Best Quiz
A) Smooth, real smooth, but sophisticated
B) Fuel-efficient to the max. Cruise control engage!
C) Energetic
D) A balancing act between calming fighting siblings and focusing on the road
E) Consistent
F) A tendency to find the off-roads


What Car Fits Your Best Quiz



Mostly A’s – Nissan Maxima

What Car Fits Your Best Quiz
It’s got the look of a luxury sedan without the luxury price tag. In fact, it’s been fully redesigned for 2016 and is more powerful than ever before. From its dynamic styling to the plush, high-end interior, it’s easy to turn heads with the 2016 Nissan Maxima.

Mostly B’s – Nissan Leaf

What Car Fits Your Best Quiz
With exceptional fuel economy and a functional, high-tech interior, this 100-percent electric vehicle could help cut your carbon footprint. Don’t let it’s size or electric powerhouse fool you, this hatchback is powerful and delivers a fun, dynamic driving experience

Mostly C’s – Nissan GT-R

What Car Fits Your Best Quiz
This sporty ride pulls out all the stops and delivers nothing but an exceptional performance. With sharp, aerodynamic styling and razor-sharp handling, there’s nothing quite like it.

Mostly D’s – Nissan Murano

What Car Fits Your Best Quiz
Fully redesigned for 2015, the Nissan Murano has one of the most high-end interiors in its class. With seating for up to five and a generous array of premium features, this high-tech, luxurious crossover SUV makes running errands so much fun.

Mostly E’s – Nissan Versa Note

What Car Fits Your Best Quiz
It’s one of the most affordable hatchbacks on the market and with great fuel economy numbers, it’s a no-brainer for budget car shoppers. In addition to low ownership and operating costs without sacrificing comfort or performance, the Nissan Versa Note is a frugal shopper’s dream come true.

Mostly F’s – Nissan Titan

What Car Fits Your Best Quiz
Back and fully redesigned for 2016, the Nissan Titan is a true powerhouse. It’s a hard worker and is just as capable as its full-size counterparts. Whether you’re going off-road or just need to haul the heavy stuff, the Nissan Titan is your go-to ride.

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