Nissan Gripz Concept debuts in Germany

Mysterious Nissan revealed as 370Z-inspired Gripz Concept crossover

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Nissan reveals 370Z-inspired Gripz Concept crossover

Nissan knows how to keep a really good secret. Only a few weeks ago Nissan released mysterious images of a new vehicle that had us and the rest of the auto industry guessing. The images only revealed a small portion of the vehicle, with the rest of it shrouded in darkness. What could this new vehicle be? While many were hoping for a new Nissan 370Z, others were wary of a new crossover. We’re happy to share that Nissan revealed a 370Z-inspired Gripz Concept crossover that exceeds all expectations and hopes.

Just looking at the Gripz, what else could you want in a slick new concept vehicle? Not only does the Nissan Gripz Concept draw inspiration from racing bicycles, but it also takes some style tips from the old Z rally cars. With that said, it’s easy to see how the Nissan Gripz Concept pulls off what it does so well.

Inside the Nissan Gripz Concept are a variety of architectural features and styling that are clearly taken from racing bikes. One look at the central console and the frame of a bike might come to mind. The large gauge on the instrument panel and simple, aerodynamic look of the seats, steering wheel and other cabin features also invoke thoughts of the a bicycle’s architecture.

Where the Nissan Safari Rally Z sharp look comes in is the concept’s integration of the rally car’s long nose, aerodynamic roof and heavy front end. What the Gripz Concept does so well is it takes the inspiration and simplifies it. The large, multiple flood lights on the Safari Rally Z are replaced with lights inset higher on the hood of the Gripz Concept.

Nissan has not released any spec information on the new Gripz Concept other than stating that it is a hybrid. It has also not been announced what exactly the future holds for the Gripz Concept. Could a new Nissan Z sports car be in the future or a new crossover? Only time will tell! Stay tuned right here to the Matt Castrucci Nissan blog for the latest Nissan Gripz Concept updates!

Nissan reveals 370Z-inspired Gripz Concept crossover

Nissan reveals 370Z-inspired Gripz Concept crossover

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