Welcome to a Sportier Future

Nissan ESFLOW in Dayton

This is what the future looks like

Nissan ESFLOW in Dayton

Love the hybrid, but not into the LEAF’s boxy appearance? Well, at Matt Castrucci Nissan we have great news for you. Nissan is bringing the Hybrid to a new level in the form of a sports car. The Nissan ESFLOW is a newly designed vehicle that is bringing Nissan into a whole new realm of the future. Its sporty features including its innovative exterior, interior comfort, and futuristic technology makes Nissan ESFLOW the car of the millennium.

The ESFLOW looks like something from the future with its long hood and its windshield that wraps around the cabin. The cabin sits just above the engine making for a high performance ride. The model comes equipped with rearview cameras instead of outside mirrors giving it the most sleek look yet. Wheel wells bridge over the performance tires giving the car an ultra-modern look.

The two passenger cabin is the definition of luxury. Yellow and blue leather upholstery gives the feeling of a sportscar. Features on the dashboard are all displayed in LED lighting. The engine beneath the elegant cabin is able to reach 62

Nissan ESFLOW in Dayton

The future of luxury

mph in five seconds. Two motors control the right  and left wheels separately to give the ESFLOW excellent handling and stability. It’s true, all of this, and it doesn’t use an ounce of fuel.

Nissan ESFLOW in Dayton

Discreetly efficient

The Nissan model is powered by lithium batteries located on the axis of the wheels. The positioning of the batteries allow the car to get up 150 miles per charge. The plug is located underneath the headlights, so your hybrid can be your secret.

Ladies and gentleman, the future is coming, and it begins with the Nissan ESFLOW in Dayton Ohio. We have never seen something quite like this. The hybrid LEAF and the  GT-R put together only scratches the surface of how this future ESFLOW will drive. Now this is innovation to be excited about.