The Cubic Tragedy

Nissan Cube near Dayton OH

All good things must come to an end

Nissan Cube near Dayton OH

Good people of Dayton, the day has come where we must say good-bye to one of our own. We all know and love Nissan Cube near Dayton OH, but as all new 2015 Nissan models are being introduced, the Cube is being discontinued throughout Canada and the United States in 2015.

Nissan Cube near Dayton OH

Maybe it’s just too fashionable

In this case, the Cube’s finest asset might have been its main downfall. The square shape is cute and fun, but just is not what most drivers are looking for a car right now. Is it a sedan or van? That’s a good question. Since 2010, the Cube’s sales have been decreasing. Four years ago, Nissan sold almost 23,000 Cubes, but so far in 2014, less than 3,000 have been sold.

Perhaps the Cube looks too juvenile or elementary for today’s modern driver. Maybe the asymmetry of the windows just isn’t the fad anymore. It could be possible that drivers with families didn’t think 58 cubic feet of storage was enough,

Nissan Cube near Dayton OH

The fad that went out of style

and drivers without families didn’t need a space so large. We think the Nissan Cube just got caught in the middle of family van and modern sedan. The identity crisis was too much for car buyers to deal with.

We are sure you are just as sad as we are about our little square not making it another year, but don’t fear! Nissan has a line of a variety of sedans and minivans that are only maturing over time. The Cube might be making an exit but models such as the 2015 Nissan Altima, the 2015 Nissan Murano, and even the Nissan ESFLOW are making their way in to the Dayton lot.

The Nissan Cube will be sold throughout the year of 2014 so for those of you that are still yearning for your Cube vehicle, stop in to Matt Castrucci Nissan today.