Nissan Car Care Tips During Coronavirus Lockdown

Taking Care of Your Nissan During the Stay-At-Home Lockdown

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and tricks on Friday, May 29th, 2020 at 11:35 AM
2020 Nissan Sentra parked inside a building

Nissan Car Care Tips During Coronavirus Lockdown

Because of the coronavirus lockdown, it’s easy for drivers to forget about the importance of automotive care. To promote proper car maintenance during this time, Nissan has uploaded a car care tips video to the Nissan USA YouTube channel with excellent advice for all Nissan owners. Continue reading to learn about Nissan car care tips during the coronavirus lockdown.

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  1. Keep the vehicle’s battery charged
  2. Do a check-up on the engine’s fluids
  3. Maintain the vehicle’s recommended tire pressure
  4. Keep the vehicle washed for maximum paint protection

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