Fire in the Hole! Keep it under control

bonfire safety

Use common sense to stay safe around the bonfire

Bonfire Safety

Ohio is full of beautiful summer nights that you can spend camping, at a festival, or just outside in your backyard. And what’s better than a bonfire when you are spending these beautiful Dayton nights in the beautiful outdoors. While bonfires are fun and relaxing, they can easily get out of control and put others around you and your surrounding in danger. Here are some things to remember before enjoying your s’mores.

The first tip we have is make sure that you are far away from any cars. Sparks can easily land on the tires without you noticing. These sparks may not cause a large fire, but they can burn small holes in your tires that can lead to major

bonfire safety

Don’t ruin this land with your fire

damage causing danger to the driver and cars around the damaged tire.

One other important thing to remember when lighting a fire especially in your yard is where the wind is coming from. If it is a windy night smoke could go into your neighbor’s homes causing them discomfort and annoyance. Even if there is no breeze, warn your neighbors about the bonfire in advance so they will be less likely to complain to you or even authorities.

bonfire safety

Don’t miss the fire tonight

Make sure your fire pit is at least 12 to 18 inches deep, and never light a fire without a pit. This could lead massive spreading causing brush fires and property damage. Also know how to build a fire before starting and have a bucket of water convenient in case the fire should spread.

Now that you have your bonfire lit and you are enjoying  the flames, it’s time to have fun. Sing songs, make s’mores, tell ghost stories, but most of all don’t mess around with fire. When you, your friends and family are around fire the most important tip is to use common sense to make sure no one gets hurt.