2020 Nissan Murano interior

Can Multiple Devices Connect to A NissanConnect Infotainment System?

How Many Phones Can Be Connected to NissanConnect?

With our lives full of so many devices, it can be hard to keep track of which ones are compatible and how to tell if they’re currently connected. How many phones can be connected to NissanConnect? How can drivers check which of their devices are currently connected to the infotainment system of their Nissan model? We’ve put together all the information drivers need to know in the blog post below.

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A car approaching a pothole

Protect Your Vehicle from Damage Caused by Potholes

How to Avoid Potholes in City Streets

Potholes are a common hazard on the road. Unfortunately, even going over shallow or small holes can cause damage to your vehicle. Drivers who want to learn all about pothole damage and how to avoid potholes in city streets should continue reading. We’ve compiled all the information the average driver should know about pothole damage and how to avoid it.

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A large scratch in the side of a car

Best Ways to Avoid Paint Scratches and Dents on Your Vehicle

How to Protect Your Car’s Paint from Scratches and Dents

It can be frustrating to notice scratches, dents and scuffs on your vehicle. This can open up the risk for further, more serious damage, such as rust. Wondering how to protect your car’s paint from scratches and dents? We’ve compiled several strategies for you to follow to prevent external damage on your vehicle.

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A pizza being served to a group of people

What Restaurants are Still Open During the Ohio Stay at Home Order?

Restaurants Still Offering Delivery & Take Out Orders During Coronavirus Closures

Because of the current coronavirus restrictions in the state of Ohio, many restaurants in and around Dayton, OH have temporarily closed. Fortunately, there are still over 70 restaurants in the greater Dayton area that are still offering carry-out and delivery options. Looking for a list of restaurants still offering delivery and take out orders during the coronavirus closures? We’ve put together a few recommendations below.

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Close-up of a car's tire at sunset

Tips for Increasing the Lifespan of Your Tires

How to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle’s Tires

Tires wearing down after use is an inevitable occurrence that drivers are used to. However, drivers who don’t properly maintain their tires may notice them wearing down faster than expected. Wondering how to extend the life of your vehicle’s tires? We put together several suggestions, strategies and best practices for you to keep in mind.

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A crowded bookshelf in a dimly lit library

What to Do While Social Distancing in Dayton, OH

Fun Things to Do During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Quarantine in Dayton, OH

With non-essential organizations closed and many activities cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, it can be difficult to find ways to spend the time. Looking for fun things to do during coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine in Dayton, OH? We’ve put together a list of activities and other ways to pass the time for you to reference.

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