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2018 Nissan TITAN payload capacity

For pickup trucks, it’s all about performance and strength. The whole point of having a truck is so you can do things that regular car drivers can’t. Whether you need to tow a lot of weight or haul a lot of gear, the Nissan TITAN is there for you. This truck is among the most capable in its class, but just how much can it carry? Specifically, what is its payload capacity? Keep reading to learn more. 

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What is the 2018 Nissan TITAN’s payload capacity? 2018-Nissan-TITAN-in-Midnight-Edition

A truck’s payload is how much weight it can carry in the passenger area and the bed. The amount of weight being held between the cab and the bed is a truck’s payload. This comes in handy for drivers who frequently haul equipment but don’t necessarily need a trailer to do so. Well, the 2018 TITAN has a maximum payload capacity of 1,951 lbs. and a minimum of 1,364 lbs. This amount of weight is well in-line with competitors and more than enough to haul many different kinds of heavy, industrial equipment. As you may have read by following the link above, the TITAN can also tow up to 12,280 lbs. when properly equipped. You can do seemingly anything with this truck! 

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