2016 Nissan 370Z vs 2016 Ford Mustang

Nissan says the performance of its sports coupe can be summed up in one letter — Z — but let’s take a look at the numbers, just to be sure. This time we’re comparing the 2016 Nissan 370Z vs. the 2016 Ford Mustang. Both cars have legacies that stretch all the way back to the 1960s. Let’s see how these latest models stack up.

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The first figure anyone looking to buy a two-door sports car will take notice of is the horsepower, and it’s really no contest here. The 370Z trounces the Mustang by more than 10 percent in this comparison. And it puts that extra power through its SynchroRev matching gearbox, which enthusiastic drivers love. It’s the kind of feature that will always bring a smile to your face, even Monday morning on your way to work. ESPECIALLY Monday morning on your way to work.

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Now let’s look at the weight of these two cars. Curb weight affects every aspect of a car’s performance. If you can keep the weight down, you improve acceleration, you improve handling, you improve braking, and you create a car that’s just more fun to drive. And let’s face it, the base model Mustang is known for being a bit … sluggish. After all, it’s got more than 250 extra pounds to haul around. That’s like having two extra passengers with you at all times. And with less power to do it.

Nissan 370Z interior They say the first thing people notice about you is your shoes. We don’t know if that’s true. But when it comes to cars, the first thing people notice about you is your wheels. Do you want to be rolling on 17-inch alloys or 18-inch? Of course you want the 18’s. Bigger is always better when it comes to rims; especially on a sports car.

And the 370Z is a true two-door sports car, whereas the Mustang has two extra seats squeezed in as an afterthought. That makes the overall dimensions of the 370Z much more compact. External length, width and height are all smaller on the Nissan, making it easy to maneuver around town, not to mention its much tighter turning radius. Yet you still get more headroom with the 370Z; and that extra inch could make all the difference for taller drivers.


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If you want to spend more time stopping to fill your gas tank, go with the Mustang. If you want to experience all that a modern sports car has to offer, click above for our New Car Inventory and check out the 370Z.