2015 Nissan Juke Voice Guidance


The 2015 Nissan Juke has a lot to offer Dayton drivers.

2015 Nissan Juke Voice Guidance

Every year technology is updated and enhanced to make our lives easier and more efficient. Each innovation is created or updated to help a variety of people in their everyday life. One technology that keeps evolving is vehicle communication centers. They continue to improve and include more and more features that help make driving safer or simply more entertaining. Today we’ll be taking a look at how the 2015 Nissan Juke voice guidance helps keep drivers more alert and safe. Read the rest of this entry >>

A Fair Experiment with Buying vs. Leasing a Nissan Vehicle


When it comes to buying vs. leasing a Nissan vehicle, an analysis of personal long-term goals is certainly imperative.

Buying vs. Leasing a Nissan Vehicle

Prior to stepping foot on a dealership sales lot, smart drivers find themselves synthesizing a great deal of auto information. From fuel economy figures to safety ratings, the new vehicle research process is both time and data intensive. And that’s all before considering the merits of a finance or lease agreement. Read the rest of this entry >>

Celebrating the Top Safety Pick + Rating for Nissan Rogue


A Top Safety Pick + rating for Nissan Rogue certainly makes the vehicle a reliable winter hero.

Top Safety Pick + Rating for Nissan Rogue

Safety standards are a wonderful triumph of the modern auto process. Over the years, the industry’s understanding of driver-friendly safeguards has deepened for the better—and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has been the driving force behind much of this development. Read the rest of this entry >>

Big City Solutions with the 2015 Nissan NV200 in Dayton, OH


Enjoy advantageous cargo space and city fuel economy with the 2015 Nissan NV200 in Dayton, OH.

2015 Nissan NV200 Dayton, OH

Proud to make its home in Dayton, Matt Castrucci Nissan always aims to understand its vehicle selection in light of life in western Ohio. Of course, big city driving is a significant part of the metropolitan lifestyle—and that’s why those who do business in Dayton are well served by solutions like Nissan’s NV200. Read the rest of this entry >>

Exciting Applications and the 2015 Nissan Murano Safety Shield


Click below to see the technology behind the 2015 Nissan Murano Safety Shield in action.

2015 Nissan Murano Safety Shield

Identified by muscular architecture and many of the day’s most aggressive accents, Nissan’s Murano may be considered the new aesthetic standard among SUV crossovers. Nissan’s plans for the all-new Murano extend far beyond curve and contour, however. Also one of the industry’s most tech-advanced new vehicle models, the 2015 Murano is a rolling application of automotive safety and convenient driver assistance. Read the rest of this entry >>

Titanium Sunsets and the Nissan Kicks Brazilian Concept


The Nissan Kicks Brazilian concept, as shown at the São Paulo International Motor Show.

Nissan Kicks Brazilian Concept

Due to Nissan’s innovative stateside presence, little thought is often given to the manufacturer’s identity as a global auto brand. Momentous news is rarely confined by place and time, however—and the Nissan Kicks Brazilian concept is a sterling example. Read the rest of this entry >>

Apps, Satellite and NissanConnect for the 2015 Murano

NissanConnect for 2015 Murano

Particularly among the boxy crop of modern sport utilities, Nissan’s all-new Murano makes its mark with head-turning expressions of camber, curve, and contour. Turning heads is not the only aim of Nissan’s latest SUV effort, however. Providing them a beat to bop to is just as important—and that’s exactly why NissanConnect for the 2015 Murano is technology worthy of drivers’ time and attention. Read the rest of this entry >>

Creative Safety Causes and the Nissan Red Thumb Initiative

Nissan Red Thumb Initiative

In accordance with the appeal of Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, Matt Castrucci Nissan is encouraging drivers to take part in the Nissan Red Thumb initiative. As the three-time Grammy winning artist explains, how you go about participating is not the most significant thrust of Nissan’s latest safety campaign. Drivers are simply encouraged to engage creatively with other motorists across the country in a pledge to leave mobile phones alone while buckled in behind the wheel. Read the rest of this entry >>

Going Custom with Color Studio for the 2015 Nissan Juke

Color Studio for 2015 Nissan Juke

Since Juke came to market in 2010, the sport-inspired crossover has set the segment’s standard for character and style. Simultaneously spacious and maneuverable, Juke is identified by a turbocharged four-cylinder that serves balanced values of torque power and efficiency. These particularities may have simply been the first phase step toward owning the corner on unique vehicle production, however. At least that’s what a recent clip from Nissan would suggest. Read the rest of this entry >>